Misty Fox: Celebrity Makeup Artist And Toronto It-Girl

We at Love Hair are obsessed with women who hustle, profiling our ideal muses in the fashion and beauty space. These are women who take charge of their life, who inspire us to challenge ourselves and break the rules. First up is celebrity Makeup Artist Misty Fox.

Misty is an Australian born, former professional model turned makeup artist that currently hosts weekly segments for ET Canada. Well-seasoned within the entertainment industry, she’s professionally trained in beauty, fashion, and makeup for film, TV, and red carpet. Misty currently works as a freelance Makeup Artist in Toronto with clients like Alice Cooper, Nick Jonas, Colin Hanks, Tegan & Sara, Alexa Chung, Metric, Dragonette, Netlfix and more.

LH: How did you get your start in the makeup industry? 

MF: I went to make-up and SPFX school. I highly recommend doing an intensive training course because it is a safe place to fine tune existing skills, as well as learn what your particular strengths and weaknesses are. Makeup artistry always felt like my Plan B, something I knew I could do, for years it was just staring at me like a kid in the schoolyard, the last to be picked, speaking softly and saying ‘when you gonna finally pick me? I'm right here...’ eventually that voice got louder. 

I spent years pursuing many other passions like writing for kids, film making and acting and modeling (although never felt too passionate about modeling). Thankfully I have made use of all of these skills with my current career. 

LH: What moment was your “big break” or first OMG moment?

MF: About two weeks out of make-up school I was in a van, headed to Montreal to do Alice Cooper’s make up. I was SO nervous, talk about starting at the deep end. But these OMG moments still continue, as long as you can remain humble, which I am forced to be because I am too self-critical to stay on cloud nine. When I got the job hosting my own segment on ET Canada, that was definitely a moment when time stood still and happiness and a sense of achievement washed over me. The most emotional moment for me, when I knew I was doing well, was when I was able to move my daughter and I out of government housing and into a great home one street from her school. I felt really good then.  

Misty Fox: Celebrity Makeup Artist and Toronto It-Girl

LH: What advice do you have for a newbie in this industry? 

MF: Oh goodness, I just hosted a two hour seminar on this and even then I didn’t feel like it was enough time. I think the most important thing is to aim to never stop learning, be open to being taught by everyone around you. 

Things are always scary when you do them for the first time; you just have to go for it. Don’t be afraid about negotiating your rates. Show up 15-25 minutes early to every location so you can unload the car at a normal pace and walk in to set with time to spare. 

LH: What are the worst or most challenging things about your career? 

MF: Childcare during the odd hours, like 4:45am… and being on my feet for 14 hours, hurts. 

LH: I bet! What are the best unexpected/surprising things about your career? 

MF: How multi-faceted it is, it is open to what you make it, there are always surprises, the experiences can be quite random. You must keep your sense of humour intact.  

LH: What has been your most memorable learning experience?

MF: Not to mix beer with wine? Haha. No, seriously. 

LH: What are any of your current favorite or least favorite hair trends?

MF: I never got behind the mermaid hair trend, those long uniform tapered waves just didn’t seem cool to me. I will always admire the unicorn hair trend because I am a sucker for pastel colors, and I cannot wait for cute short cuts to come back. I think they are badass and stylish and brave. I love short hair. 

Misty Fox: Celebrity Makeup Artist and Toronto It-Girl

LH: What hair advice do you have for the people at home?

MF: Two MAJOR rules I want people styling their hair at home to be aware of are:

  1. Don’t use an oil/serum before heat styling! It will basically fry your hair in one go.
  2. Use a heat protector cream/spray and don’t turn your flat iron up all the way. You don’t need extreme heat unless you have super coarse and curly hair… You can get results without overheating your hair. 

LH: What’s your ultimate go-to ‘hustle’ hairstyle on a busy work day? (A look you can achieve in 5 minutes when you G2G!)

MF: Haha, my hair is so unruly; it looks like snakes fighting in the morning. To tell you the truth, I just wet a brush and comb water through the top layer and wear a baseball hat while I drive to work. When I arrive, my hair is ‘dry enough’ and at least a good deal closer to my head than it was 20 minutes ago.

LH: What do you wish you’d known before you embarked on this career?

MF: I don’t think you can truly know what is ahead, or what you wish you had known, as I said, you have to remain open to learning from your experience and those around you. You will find that you are in situations that don’t feel comfortable, there are times when you will feel mistreated or short-changed. You must be responsible for running your business with tact and consistency. It’s about so much more than putting make up on faces or putting cute curls in hair. You have to keep hustling, following up, going to events, connecting with brands, assisting artists, etc. 

Images courtesy of Misty Fox.

Written by Dolled by Sosa, @dolledbysosa