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This Is The Daily Muse.

The Daily Muse is where our Modern Muse's thoughts come to life. We provide valuable resources in the hair, beauty, and self-care space to help you take control of and infuse love into all aspects of your life. Here you will find resources to help you:

Love Your Hair

This section is all about hair care for the modern, on-the-go woman. Here you will find articles to help you make informed decisions about your hair care and the products you choose to use. Looking to make the switch from your drugstore to natural hair products but don't know where to start? Want to ditch the heat and learn how to air-dry your hair to perfection? Get help here. 

Love Your Skin 

Because what goes on your body is just as important as what goes in it. Here, we focus on natural and sustainable skin care. What exactly is oil cleansing and why is it so popular? How do you get glowing skin with products that come straight from the Earth? What happens to your skin when you work out with makeup on? We've got the scoop.

Love The Earth

We believe in being good to and appreciating Mother Earth. From our favorite sustainable clothing brands to decoding cosmetic labels to travel advice, find articles here to help you take control of your social responsibility to the place we call home.

Love Yourself

All about self-care and loving yourself from the inside out. In this section, we help you infuse love into the most important person on Earth: yourself. Learn about how to harness the power of visualization to improve your life, how to reach your fitness goals, or how to ease into the practice of meditation.


There is a piece of the Love Hair Muse in all of us. Here is where you will find thoughts from women who are kind, empowering, graceful, intentional, and never settle for mediocrity. These are the women who inspire us to be our best self. 

We hope The Daily Muse will inspire you to strive for perfection, to make decisions with intention, to never settle, and to infuse love into your life.